Mentor Technical Group

Innovation Partner

MENTOR is a Minority Certified Organization, as defined by the NMSDC, which employs over 500 technical resources. Founded in the year 2000, MENTOR provides a complete portfolio of technical support services and flexible solutions to the Top Life Science Manufacturers on the Planet. We can provide you with the best solution for the achievement of your expectations at the lowest cost and minimum risk.



Expertise Partner

Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace for Life Sciences, enables you to manage all your manufacturing devices and facilities with a single cloud platform so your research, development and management teams can accelerate accurate research and high-quality, compliant manufacturing in a safe, secure workplace. See for yourself why Nuvolo is an Inc. 500 fastest-growing U.S. company and the world’s leading Connected Workplace company



Expertise Partner

Aspen Technology (AspenTech) is a leading software supplier that enables companies in capital-intensive industries to drive operational efficiencies across the bio-pharmaceutical development and manufacturing lifecycle. AspenTech combines decades of process modeling expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to progress digitalization within the bio-pharma industry. As a result, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers can implement asset utilization and production optimization software to optimize outcomes for better decision-making, increase collaboration, build supply chain resiliency and ultimately, deliver life-saving medicines to people and animals around the globe.


Elemental Machines

Event Partner

The Elemental Machines platform harnesses IoT technology to unite a laboratory full of data onto a single mobile dashboard.

The vendor-agnostic solution gives lab managers real-time visibility into virtually any lab equipment, from any brand, with any function, from any era. Changes in utilization, temperature, humidity, light, vibration, and more are reported instantly, while AI identifies potential root causes behind sudden temperature changes.

Our universal dashboard and plug-and-play sensors begin transmitting data 60 seconds after unboxing and are on duty 24/7 so lab managers don’t have to be.


Siemens Energy

Exhibition Partner

Siemens Energy offers a portfolio of specialized technologies that can be coupled with commodity technologies, when necessary, to provide unique tailored solutions specific to the challenges of the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries.  Packaging the equipment allows Siemens Energy to provide a process guarantee for the entire treatment package. These solutions can be automated and digitized for low operator attention and troubleshooting support. Siemens Energy also has life cycle management support through the life of the equipment.

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